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My goal is to serve the client and their product.

I work closely with both major and independent artists, clients and companies to help them achieve their goals, for a great sounding audio recording. 

I care deeply about my work.
My passion is to help artists and musicians make great sounding recordings, regardless of their budget constraints.

As such, I work on a client-by-client basis with estimates, to ensure the best fit, highest quality of work, 
and a win-win for all involved.

Get in touch for your personal quote today!

I offer mobile on-site recording for live performances.  Recording / Mixing / Mastering 

Capture the Real Live Moment with audio!

  • I will take you as a band, artist, or composer, to help bring together all the components necessary to make your creation a clear expression of the feel, sound and experience desired. 

  • Quotes based on music needs and location.

  • Contact me with information, we will work out a comfortable quote for everyone.

  • Send me your raw recording from a home studio setup, professional studio, or live multi-track recording session, and we will transform it into a tight, punchy, balanced, polished and commercially-ready track. 

  • Mixing quotes are based on number of tracks

  • Mastering is included with all mixes if requested.

  • Online Mastering rates start at $30 per song.

  • I will polish your recorded vocal tracks to make the best of your sound and talent with small touches and slight tuning.  I can also transform large projects and do major vocal tuning as needed or desired.

  •  Per track vocal tuning inquire.

  • I will help you bring your musical creation to life, regardless of genre, writing knowledge or experience level. Experienced writers looking for fresh perspective and / or collaborations also welcome.

  • $45- $75 per hr. studio time. (engineer incl.)

  • Achieve the audio quality you need for a more professional-sounding podcast including audio clean-up (background noise, clicks, pops, breaths, echo, reverberation, etc.) and corrective equalization (HP/LP).

  • I will help you craft original beats, samples, or grooves, and will help polish your track to highlight your unique sound and style, as well as guiding you to radio-ready status. 

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Working in Studio
Studio Microphone
Recording Studio
Cutting a Record
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