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  • Vocal Tuning 

  • Podcast & Audio Book Editing & Mastering 

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Audigitools has Mixed, Edited or Mastered the Following Artist

EMI ~ Capitol Records ~ Trauma Records ~ Warner Brothers ~ Relativity Records ~ Death Row Records ~ The Holland Group ~ Sum Of All Music 

Mike City (Producer) ~ Big Tank (Derryck Thornton) (Producer)  

MegaSound Studio's (Various) ~ Rhonda Bryne (the Secret)

Shaquille O Neil (Rap/Hip Hop) ~ Michael Jackson (Pop) 

Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz (Hip Hop) ~ Big Boy (The Real 92.3) 

Kevon Edmunds (R&B) ~ George Lindsay Jr. (Comedy)  

Urbane Groove (Jazz/R&B) ~ Shatazia (Contemporary Jazz) 

Toni Gooden (Gospel/R&B) ~ The Miracle Center (Gospel)

Tammy Martin (Christian) ~ Kriya (Rock) ~ Olio (Pop/Rock) 

Drajexed (Trip Hop) ~ Deborah Alfaro (AOR) ~ Criminal Minded (Rap)

Prima Donna Rising (Rock) ~ Janet Jackson (R&B) 

Joey Thompson Project (Rap)

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