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Tony on mic at Ventura fair


My journey as a bassist began out of a passion for music that developed into an artistic expression. My style is unique and I put every effort to make sure my performances are memorable and timeless. I have had the pleasure of performing live in national and international venues, and have worked with many levels of artists in various genres. I have experience working with signed and unsigned artists either as a supporting, backing, recording or co-founding member. I ensure that each performance I am a part of is crafted with precision and passion.

Appearances, Recordings & Performances
(Bass | Drums | Chapman Stick | Keyb.)
  • Sly Stone 

  • Vivid

  • Ellipsis

  • Elevatorska

  • Michael Abu

  • Olio

  • Debbie Clemmer

  • Natalie Cole

  • Basil Fung

  • Joe Tourist Band

  • Pete Goleta

  • the Groove Ministers

  • Toni Gooden

  • Lionel A. Martin

  • Michael Bolton

  • Lisa Houston

  • World's Edge

  • Shakeh

  • Tammy Martin

  • Kathryn Grimm Band

  • The Miracle Center

  • Joseph Calderon

  • Tim Carroll Band

  • Buddy Guy & Jr. Wells

  • Champagne Sunday

  • Big Daddy McNasty 

  • Solid Rock Christian Center

  • Edmund Sylvers

  • Jennifer James Productions

  • Mark Conn & the Cyclones

  • George Lindsey Jr.

  • Streetwise Symphony

  • Stefan Carow Days of Night

  • Prima Donna Rising

  • Heather Poelzer

  • Deborah Alfaro

  • Jon Montalban

  • Dave Helwig

  • Shatazia

  • Darren McGovern

  • Lane

  • Jamonsoul

  • Doc Rogers Band

  • Operation 90's

  • KJ Denhert

  • Crave & Wonder

  • Randy Wild

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