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About Tony Shibumi

Appearances, Recordings & Performances
(Bass | Drums | Chapman Stick)

Sharing colorful flavors that are artistic, memorable, and timeless, Tony Shibumi is a bassist on a musical voyage with a cargo of creativity and innovative style.


From national and international venues in his capacity as a live performer and music producer, Tony Shibumi  continues to work with many levels of artists in various genres. His resume has placed him in the company of many greats including the likes of Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Buddy Guy, and Michael Bolton, to name a few.

After supporting, backing, and co-founding countless signed and unsigned artists, Tony takes a leap on his own journey with a mission to attract today's young adult listeners, as well as those longing for the veracity and passion of music from the past. 

As a producer (Shibumi Soundesign) and the release of his online label and umbrella entertainment company Euphonious Entertainment Group. This entrepreneur bassist, producer, publisher and label head has a lot of great things coming.

  • Sly Stone 

  • Vivid

  • Ellipsis

  • Elevatorska

  • Michael Abu

  • Olio

  • Debbie Clemmer

  • Natalie Cole

  • Basil Fung

  • Joseph Michaels

  • Joe Tourist Band

  • the Groove Ministers

  • Toni Gooden

  • Lionel A. Martin

  • Michael Bolton

  • Lisa Houston

  • World's Edge

  • Shakeh

  • Tammy Martin

  • Kathryn Grimm Band

  • The Miracle Center

  • Buddy Guy & Jr. Wells

  • Champagne Sunday

  • Big Daddy McNasty 

  • Solid Rock Christian Center

  • Edmund Sylvers

  • Jennifer James Productions

  • Mark Conn & the Cyclones

  • George Lindsey Jr.

  • Streetwise Symphony

  • Stefan Carow Days of Night

  • Urbane Groove

  • Deborah Alfaro

  • Jon Montalban

  • Dave Helwig

  • Shatazia

  • Darren McGovern

  • Lane

  • Jamonsoul

  • Doc Rogers Band

  • Operation 90's

  • KJ Denhert

  • The Groove Ministers