Musician in the Desert


Creativity and innovative style, Tony Shibumi is a bassist that expresses colorful flavors that are artistic, memorable, and timeless.


From national and international venues in his capacity as a live performer, Tony Shibumi  continues to work with many levels of artists in various genres. His resume has placed him in the company of many greats including the likes of Natalie Cole, Buddy Guy, Sly Stone and Michael Bolton, to name a few.

After supporting, backing, and co-founding countless signed and unsigned artists, Tony takes a leap on his own journey with a mission to attract today's young adult listeners, as well as those longing for the veracity and passion of music from the past. 



Tony Shibumi has leant his talents to a phenomenal mix of major and independent labels, producers and professional artists over the years.  

His wealth of experience as a professional bassist, gifted songwriter, prolific digital recorder and engineering expertise, has given him the opportunity to finally move forward with the new collaboration and the launch of his production company Shibumi Soundesign their goal as a boutique sound house specializing in good artists and great music, combined with strong placement and marketing.

If there is talent to be found in the artist, collaboration, or band, Tony's gift is to help release it to the people and where there is talent, there is most certainly an audience for that talent - and Shibumi Soundesign's team is committed to developing and supporting that band or artist with the right music for their journey.